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Star Plus Dil Hai Hindustani Contestants List of Names, Judges and Host of The Show

Star Plus Dil Hai Hindustani Contestants List of Names, Judges and Host of The Show

Star Plus Dil Hai Hindustani

Star Plus Dil Hai Hindustani TV Show

So,People Are you excited about the star plus dil hai Hindustani show contestants list of names,judges and host name.Well I am very excited about Dil hai Hindustani judges names as well as names of contestants in Dil hai Hindustani Star Plus Show.Star Plus is going to start the Dil hai Hindustani show from today that is 7th Jan 2017.Well you might be thinking what is different in this Dil hai Hindustani Show.Here you can find the details about the Dil Hai Hindustani Show.


Star Plus Dil Hai Hindustani Show Wiki

After so many successful projects Ranjeet Thakur and Ruprel Frames Production  have started a new show called Dil hai Hindustani.Let me first clarify some details about the Dil hai Hindustani show.The dil hai Hindustani show is coming on 7th jan 2017 and will be launched on star plus.The Dil hai Hindustani Show is a reality singing show which is a bit different than any other singing reality shows that you might have seen previously on other channels.

 A great show dil hai hindustani is.

The things to note which are unique and make this show a completely different reality show platforms are:-


1)Unlike sa re ga ma pa , fame gurukul or anyother reality singing show,Dil hai Hindustani has a completely new style to allow contestants to compete among them.

In Dil hai Hindustani,every contestant is giving the liberty to sing in any manner they can.Like if some one wants to sing In solo format that is all alone they can do it.If anyone wants to perform in dual or some group,then that thing can also be performed in Dil Hai Hindustani.Isnt it amazing!!

2)We have seen previously in other reality shows like Indian idol that other singing reality shows were conducting only a specific age group like If we have an Indian Idol that is focused on juniors then it will take up all the junior level aged group singing contestants in that show.Well there is a huge and amazing change in Dil Hai Hindustani.In Dil Hai Hindustani,The contestant age group is between 10 to 50 years.So,students with age 11 and an adult with age 37 can also apply and compete at the same platform.Sounds amazing right.Well It is.This way Dil Hai Hindustani gives a best opportunity for all the people from young kids to adults so that competiton can be the best and it is a huge opportunity for the young ones to learn among other age groups too some might be professionals as well.




Dil Hai Hindustani Show Judges & Host Name


The host name in Dil Hai Hindustani show which is going to be aired on star plus is Jumbo Jutts, a youtuber well known.

Dil Hai Hindustani star plus show is going to be judged by the four well known Bollywood celebrities:-

1)Karan Johar

2)Shekhar Ravijani

3)Shalmali Kholgade


These are the names of Dil Hai Hindustani judges.

The first host for the Star plus show is Karan Wahi .Rapper Badshah is my favourite in terms of rapping.Though it will be badshah’s first singing reality show,it might be the best experience for him isn’t it.While every other judge has previously judged some of the reality shows.Karan Johar don’t have a direct connection to singing.But he made a major find behind ae dil hai mushkil.So,don’t under estimate Karan Johar.He is also one of the Dil Hai Hindustani judges in the show.

Dil Hai Hindustani Show is on a major platform and the participants were from aborad too.But int his singing reality show everyone is allowed to sing hindi Bollywood songs only.

Dil Hai Hindustani Contestants Name List


Keep reading friends.There is much more details about the dil Hai Hindustani Show.Singers have come from every part of the country to participate in Dil Hai Hindustani Show.

Several singers from different areas of the globe have come and did auditions for the Dil Hai Hindustani Show and they all want to become the next Singing sensation and ultimately the first Winner of Dil Hai Hindustani Star plus show.They all have undergone auditions for the dil hai Hindustani show singing platform and right now 9 names have finalized for the dil hai Hindustani show.

The contestant names of Dil Hai Hindustani Show are:-

  1. Lucy -Russia
  2. Nastya -Russia
  3. Haitham Rafi -Muscat, Oman
  4. Dhroon Tickoo
  5. Swastik
  6. Simran Raj
  7. Partha, Prativa (duo)
  8. Sashwati, Ankita (duo)
  9. Kabir Singh



It is very important to note the timings of Dil Hai Hindustani reality singing show.Dil Hai Hindustani will come every Saturday and every Sunday at 8pm on star plus.Then these 9 contestants will be categorized into four team namely Team Badshah, Team Karan, Team Shekhar and Team Shalmali.

When we see the promo videos of DIl Hail Hindustani singing reality show then one thing is sure that this show is different and going to be a pure success and will give us the best voice hope fully.

Hope audience will also be entertained.


So,this was the information on Dil Hai Hindustani Show contestant list and Dil Hai Hindustani Show Judges names.





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