Happy Lohri 2017

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Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017

On this Happy Lohri 2017 Everyone will be holding a Happy Lohri party in their cities.There are a lot of Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017 for this 13th January.We will cover a lot of Happy Lohri party ideas 2017 here which you can select to have an awesome experience on this Happy Lohri 2017.

One Party idea can be that we gather some woods and put them on fire and there by creating a bonfire.Now this bonfire thing is pretty interesting.You can put fulla in that fire.This type of Part idea on this lohri is the best for People with families and newly wedded couples.You can also invite all you friends around that bonfire and you can play a very interesting game called truth and dare on this Happy Lohri 2017 around that bonfire.Isnt this an exciting one from Happy Lohri party ideas 2017.

Happy Lohri party ideas 2017

Happy Lohri party ideas 2017

Happy lohri party decorations 2017

You also want to have awesome Happy lohri party decorations around your house.Put lightning bulbs.These might help.Second Happy Lohri Party ideas 2017 can be that sit together with your family with the tastiest eatables like popcorns,fullas,gazak,rebadi and then start to eat them along with gossips.This is the best Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017 which you can adopt to spend time with your family,relatives,and so on.

Parties are the soul of every life on earth but now a days everything is going missing.Today is Happy Lohri and we all should think of the best happy lohri party ideas and happy lohri party decorations which we can use to make our lohri party successful.

Well party can be enjoyed in happy lohri party decorations 2017.

After we know Happy Lohri party decorations are done we can buy the sweets and other eatables as these are the main ingredients of any Lohri festival party.


Happy Lohri punjabi theme party games 2017

Third Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017 is to play tambola but in a different manner.Instead of the number printed on the tambola we will just put our favourite lohri song SUndar Mundariye.This can be fun and a very interesting too.Everyone will get a part of the song to sing like some one will get sundar mundariye then other will get ho like this.This way song will be interstingly sung.Its a creative Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017 which we can follow on this Happy Lohri 2017.

Happy lohri gift bags 2017

Kids can their Happy Lohri gift bags 2017 on this lohri festival.Some times at some places kids go to their elder people and demand chocolates,sweets etc .The whole day kids and this and at the end of the day they feel happy and have joy when their Happy lohri gift bags 2017 gets filled.

Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017

Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017

This is also an innovative Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017 for kids.


Happy lohri party favors 2017

Well your friends might ask you for favor on this Happy Lohri festival.It can be of booking a ride,a recharge anything as Happy lohri party favors 2017.

This was all about Happy Lohri Party Ideas 2017.Hope you loved reading Happy lohri party decorations, Happy Lohri punjabi theme party games 2017, Happy lohri gift bags 2017, Happy lohri party favors 2017.Wish you the Best Happy lohri this year.
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