Navratri 2017

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Happy Diwali 2016 SMS Wishes Hindi English

Happy Diwali 2016 SMS Wishes Hindi English

We are here providing an excellent selection of Happy Diwali 2016 SMS with traditional and latest bias hold in mind. Just in case, you are exhausted of the similar old Diwali SMS every year, or you don’t have anything to respond, let us help you with our collection. Celebrate Deepavali this year amongst your friends and loved ones with our great collection of Happy Diwali 2016 SMS.


Diwali is the most celebrated and well-known Hindu festivals. According to popular legend, when Lord Rama returned to their homeland after 14 years of exile, people of Ayodhya light up candles and diya to glorify and honor his return from winning over Raavana. The festival draws its name from the lines of diya. Moreover, from the name Deepavali, the name has gotten tangled and tortuous to Diwali over the years. This festival signifies the victory of light over dark.


Diwali is one of the brightest festivals in India and Nepal with unique arrangements. Indians celebrate this day as the beginning of the new business year. People send Diwali wishes to greet friends and relatives. They buy new clothes, appliances, kitchen utensils, even expensive items such as cars and gold jewelry to gift their friends and family.


Though Diwali is famous as an Indian and Nepal festival, it is universally celebrated in other countries as well such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Myanmar, Mauritius, and Fiji. In fact, Diwali is a public holiday in each of those countries. In Sri Lanka, Tamil population mainly celebrates Diwali. They settle down in different areas of the country but mostly celebrate Diwali in the North and the East.

Happy Diwali 2016 Messages 

Every year there has been increasing issues and problems on the environmental and health result of Diwali, as with the other main celebrations of the world. We request you to make this Diwali 2016 happy and safe for each and every one. Let’s celebrate Diwali – the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Light up candles and diya to help Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, find her entrance into our’s homes.

Happy Diwali 2016 SMS Wishes Hindi

Happy Diwali 2016 Messages in Hindi

Happy Diwali 2016 SMS Wishes Hindi

Happy Diwali 2016 SMS Wishes English

Happy Diwali 2016 SMS Wishes Hindi

Happy Diwali 2016 SMS Wishes Hindi

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